Dangers Of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry is one of the booming in the US. Marketers and sober homes are making crazy amounts from this business. Due to the huge demand of rehab services, most sober homes and marketers are using unethical means to get business. Most patients are innocent and do not question even when they are abused and exploited. In Florida, most homes focus on profit making instead of assisting a patient come out of the problem of alcohol abuse. Most patients visiting some of these homes end up having a worse problem compared to the time they joined the facility. In fact some homes condone drug and alcohol use which complicates the problem of the patient. This article highlights and explains the reasons why most of the alcohol rehabilitation centres in Florida are exploitative and abuse patient?s rights.


  • High demand for rehab– The problem of alcohol abuse is increasing in Florida meaning that there is a high demand for rehabs to treat patients. Most rehabs operate through their own rules and regulations because there is no strict state or federal laws that they must strictly adhere to. Because of lack of legal framework most of the centres are exploiting patients by charging highly and offering programs that are not assisting the alcoholics. Statistically, around 15

    million people are addicted to alcohol and there are few rehabs to offer treatment. Due to the huge demand for rehab facilities, the some sober homes take advantage of the situation and exploit patients.


  • Addiction treatment is lucrative business– The addiction rehabilitation industry is a big a huge business in the US. Because of this, the rehab centres and marketers use all tactics to ensure that they have clients. The marketers do not use ethical means of recruiting patients. They encourage all the patients to join a even if their problem can be handled from home. At the moment, the rehab industry makes around $35 million per annum. It is estimated that this figure may go high by hitting $42 billion by the year 2020. Despite the huge amount generated from the industry, it is unregulated and patients are left under the mercies of unscrupulous businesspeople. Most of the services offered at these recovery centres are unreasonably high. For example, the patients is charged consultation services, detox services, etc. Because the federal laws require that the medical insurance covers addicts, the rehab centres take advantage of this requirement and exploit patients pay depleting their medical cover.


  • Non-customized programs- Most of the program do not explore the personal needs of each patient so that they offer them a program that is suited to their individual needs.