Cosmetic surgery has become indispensable to our image-conscious society. People spend billions of dollars to acquire what is considered “the ideal American body”. A few hours of a cosmetic procedure can slash years off an aging face. However, plastic surgery is essentially meant for reconstructing and restoring flawed body parts to their normal function. Like any other medical procedure, cosmetic surgery has its fair share of risks ranging from minor scarring to fatal blood loss. It is, therefore, important to find a practitioner with the necessary skills. This article sheds light on how to select a plastic surgeon. 

To begin with, a person who is interested in any type of a cosmetic procedure should find a surgeon who is board certified. This means that he or she has undergone the necessary training, which is recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. However, the human body is not only complex but also difficult to reconstruct. Therefore, board certification is primary but not the only factor to consider when selecting a plastic surgeon. 

Experience is of paramount importance in cosmetic surgery. Carrying out a particular procedure repeatedly provides a surgeon with in-depth knowledge of the process and the risks it poses to patients with different anatomies. A patient should ensure that the surgeon they go for specializes in the type of surgery they need and that he or she carries it out at least once every week. Also, going for a surgeon with at least five years of experience in his or her specialty is a safe bet. 

The next factor to consider is the expertise of a plastic surgeon. Most surgeons provide photos of successful procedures that they have conducted before on the internet. This provides useful information when looking for the best plastic surgeon. For instance, if a patient needs a face lift, they should look for a surgeon whose patients’ photos, after successful surgery, appeal best to them. More importantly, one should look for photos of a successful procedure that was carried out on a patient with a similar face structure as his or hers. 

Finally, the location and quality of services of a hospital should be favourable to the patient. It should be easily accessible in case of an emergency after cosmetic surgery. The patient should also find its location convenient for repeat visits. Besides that, the hospital selected should have a favourable reputation. One is likely to get a better outcome after cosmetic surgery where the medical staff show genuine care for their patients. 

To conclude, when a person decides to undergo a cosmetic procedure, he or she should understand the essentials on how to select a plastic surgeon. The one that they choose should have board certification as well experience that exceeds five years. For a better chance of a great cosmetic surgery outcome, a surgeon should have a good track record in his area of expertise and caring staff members. What’s more, his or her hospital should be easily accessible for repeat visits.