Importance of lawyers 

Disability refers to any condition of the mind and body that brings about limitations to the person with the conditions to do some activities and interact to the world around them. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs come in to help the disabled individuals. If you are insured, SSDI program pays some benefits to you and some of your family members. To qualify for SSID benefits, you must have worked for a long period and paid social security taxes on your income. SSI program comes in to pay benefits to adults who have not worked for long to earn a large income and children. 

However, to acquire benefits for the two programs, you must meet the medical and non-medical requirements or have a condition that is expected to last for at least one year or result to death. Most people succeed to get the disability benefits through successful applications to the programs. Nevertheless, some individuals might have complications in doing this task alone and therefore help from disability advocates/lawyers is very important. Seemingly, disabled individuals who involve advocates in their SSDI or SSI claim appeals procedures are more likely to be successful compared to those who do not. 

Importance of these lawyers 

Attorneys are highly experienced; therefore, they know the medical evidences needed to win 

Applicants may end up submitting irrelevant information about the medical evidences to the Social Security Administration (SSA) since they do not know what to include and what not to include. Disability attorneys understand how to come up with the evidence required for an approval for that client’s specific medical conditions. A disability attorney gets a case, reviews the applicant’s file carefully to determine whether any medical records or additional tests are compulsory, works with the applicant to get the needed records and submit them on time to the SSA and ensures that irrelevant information is not handed in because administrative law judges (ALJs) often become provoked if they have to go through pages of irrelevant information. 

The Disability Attorneys know Administrative Law Judges 

It is important because the attorney understands, how different ALJ prefer a hearing to be conducted and whether the ALJ has any anticipation towards some medical conditions. This knowledge allows the attorney to prepare for the hearing in the way best fit for the particular ALJ allocated to hear the case. 

The ability to question the Applicant 

The ALJ will ask the applicant questions to find out whether he/she is truthful and other relevant information. The attorney also guides the applicant on how to answer such questions. 

Attorneys Know and understand the arguments that are most likely to win a case 

 The attorney decides on the best argument and determines how to meet the necessities of the rules and regulations using the facts of the case. An attorney also identifies weaknesses in a case and decides how they can be managed. These arguments can be difficult to be understood by an ordinary individual. 

How or where can one locate a disability lawyer? 

There are various ways one can get in touch with a disability lawyer that include: 

  1. Ask a lawyer whom you already know in getting reference to the necessary disability lawyers. 
  1. Ask people who are close to you such as family and friends. 
  1. Look in the internet. 
  1. Ask others who have been in similar disability processes. 

In conclusion, to determine if the lawyer is fit for you,  

  1. You should feel comfortable when communicating with the lawyer. 
  1. You should feel like you are being understood by the lawyer. 
  1. You should feel trust towards the lawyer you chose. 

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