What Health Benefits You Acquire From Lions Mane Mushrooms  

Mushrooms are functional for various purposes in improving human health. In this article I will briefly highlight and explain to you some of the benefits gained from consuming functional mushrooms, in this case, the Lions mane mushrooms.  


Lions mane mushrooms, scientifically known as Hericium evinaceus, is among the useful mushrooms that strengthen the health of an individual. They are used beyond foodstuffs for body immunity, cognition, treatment and prevention of inflammation.  

As a healthy foodstuff  

These, just like other meals are delicious when consumed simply as food. They have enough nutrients such as proteins and vitamins that are healthy for the well-being of the body. Beyond this, they have additional minerals that improve the functioning of the body. These minerals provide the body with additional components that could not be provided by normal meals.  

Prevents Dementia  

This involves memory loss and thinking problems which alter the normal functioning. Hericenones and erinacines are compounds present in these mushrooms play an important role in stimulating growth of the brain cells. In addition, they reduce loss of memory.  

Improves cognition   

One may seem to easily remember things or totally forget information. These mushrooms contain cognitive compounds that improve the memory. These compounds have ability to pass across the barrier between the blood and the brain, thus, able to restore nerves and brain cells swiftly.   


The body needs a strong immune system so as to effectively fight infections. Health benefits of lions mane mushrooms capsules include boosting the body’s immunity. They have chemicals that help to improve the immune system. The immune system will then have enough energy to fight any infection against the body.  

Believed to prevent cancer  

According to several studies done by scientists, it prevents cancer by arresting and killing cancerous cells. They contain chemicals that perform this function.   

Also, they prevent the cancerous tumors from moving to other parts of the body. These tumors usually spread to affect other body parts. These mushrooms’ components therefore are tasked to deter this movement.  

Prevents inflammation  

Contain anti-inflammatory compounds that hinder formation of metabolic infections. This in turn prevents stroke, diabetic conditions and other heart-related problems. By protecting the fatty tissue from inflammation, there is likely to be a reduced risk to heart diseases.  

Prevents anxiety and depression  

Research shows that these mushrooms help in formation of brain cells. Besides, they improve processing of memories and response to emotions. By doing these, they are able to lower anxiety and depression.  


Health benefits of of lions mane mushrooms are evident to their need in one’s health. Though some research was done on animals rather than humans, making it important for more prove to be done. There is need to consume more functional meals that help to boost the health of the body.