Dangers Of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry is one of the booming in the US. Marketers and sober homes are making crazy amounts from this business. Due to the huge demand of recovery place rehab services, most sober homes and marketers are using unethical means to get business. Most patients are innocent and do not question even when they are abused and exploited. In Florida, most homes focus on profit making instead of assisting a patient come out of the problem of alcohol abuse. Most patients visiting some of these homes end up having a worse problem compared to the time they joined the facility. In fact some homes condone drug and alcohol use which complicates the problem of the patient. This article highlights and explains the reasons why most of the alcohol rehabilitation centres in Florida are exploitative and abuse patient’s rights.


  • High demand for rehab– The problem of alcohol abuse is increasing in Florida meaning that there is a high demand for rehabs to treat patients. Most rehabs operate through their own rules and regulations because there is no strict state or federal laws that they must strictly adhere to. Because of lack of legal framework most of the centres are exploiting patients by charging highly and offering programs that are not assisting the alcoholics. Statistically, around 15

    million people are addicted to alcohol and there are few rehabs to offer treatment. Due to the huge demand for rehab facilities, the some sober homes take advantage of the situation and exploit patients.


  • Addiction treatment is lucrative business– The addiction rehabilitation industry is a big a huge business in the US. Because of this, the rehab centres and marketers use all tactics to ensure that they have clients. The marketers do not use ethical means of recruiting patients. They encourage all the patients to join a St Johns rehab even if their problem can be handled from home. At the moment, the rehab industry makes around $35 million per annum. It is estimated that this figure may go high by hitting $42 billion by the year 2020. Despite the huge amount generated from the industry, it is unregulated and patients are left under the mercies of unscrupulous businesspeople. Most of the services offered at these recovery centres are unreasonably high. For example, the patients is charged consultation services, detox services, etc. Because the federal laws require that the medical insurance covers addicts, the rehab centres take advantage of this requirement and exploit patients pay depleting their medical cover.


  • Non-customized programs- Most of the program do not explore the personal needs of each patient so that they offer them a program that is suited to their individual needs.

Understanding The Science That Is Behind Igg Food Sensitivity Test

When someone suspects that they are suffering from a food allergy, the very first thing that they are going to do is to rush to a chemist and try to get a drug to control the situation. However, it is important for you to first get to figure out exactly what you are allergic to before you go ahead and start buying out drugs. It may be the food that you have eaten, the environment that you are in, an insect or something else. When you are dealing with an allergy, there is no denying the fact that you may end up dealing with a myriad of therapeutic challenges. Before you go to your local chemist and buy the very first drug that is mentioned to you, it would be a good idea if you could speak to your physician and possibly undergo a test that will be able to determine exactly what it is that you are allergic to.

When you look at food allergies, some people may find it difficult to prevent them. However, imagine if you can easily be able to control your intake on penicillin, wouldn’t it be easy on you to control your intake on eggs, peanuts, milk and other kinds of food? Even though Fit Labs Testing food allergy is on the rise, most people tend to confuse an allergy with having an intolerance to some kind of food. This is why food intolerance and sensitivity tests have been made available. There are a variety of different forms in which this kind of testing can be done. Most commonly an individual is going to be screened through a variety of different foo9d additives and food products. Once this is done, they are then going to be provided with a kind of list that will be able to tell them the specific kinds of foods that they have been found to be intolerant to.

However, even with the above in mind, there are still people who question if a simple food sensitivity test can actually be able to identify food that one is intolerant to. Well, the answer to this is yes, when it specifically comes to Food Intolerance Testing, there are a number of different tests that can be carried out altogether. The most common methods that are usually used when it comes to these kinds of testing include hair testing, the Vega testing, K-testing, applied kinesiology and so much more. However, the most popular ones are the blood tests which have been found to give more accurate results.

What you need to know about food intolerance is that it is usually about the immune system of your body and how it is able to defend itself against some foreign substances like harmful bacteria and poison.

How To Tell A Good Story – Alcoholic Edition

1. Keep a log of story content.

It’s much easier to find the right stories if you have a list to go to. Get in the habit of jotting down notes about content that would make for a good story – client wins, challenges, times of perseverance, etc. To get yourself started, spend an hour just thinking about experiences you’ve had where you’ve overcome hardship and made yourself (or others) proud.

  1. When You Have Important Points, Match Them With A Story

One of the most powerful applications of stories in a work setting is conveying messages that you want to resonate with widespread culture changes and personal mentoring. To use stories, you only need to pause, and remember to do so. And check that list you just made.

The next time you find yourself contemplating what words you want to say, consider what story would help support your points. You’ll find that it helps you communicate your message, and for the listener to hear it.

  1. Practice Them

There’s a misperception that great storytellers can whip these yarns out of their hats and deliver with aplomb. The best stories are well-told stories – because they get better with each telling. Whenever someone in my workshops volunteers to tell a good story, it’s one that they’ve told many times before.

To get better at telling any story, start putting it out there for various groups of people. It is a guarantee you that you’ll learn from each experience and get better.

One caution: Practicing is important. However, you don’t want to be known for telling the same stories to the same people.

  1. Don’t Try To Be Perfect

Many of us strive to perfect so much of our lives, but you definitely don’t want to show up that way in your stories. Perfect storytellers Jordon Bower are boring and robotic. Perfect characters in stories are alienating. No one wants to hear how awesome you are, or how well you nailed your goal.

Instead, we’re enraptured by stories that involve some vulnerability. We want to hear about struggles, and how to overcome them – to be honest. When you share stories, be revealing about the hurdles along the way. It’s okay to talk about success, don’t omit what got you there.

  1. Use Good Story Structure

A good story isn’t complicated – it’s actually quite a simple storyteller workshop You are advised to put stories into a structure that has the following:

Clear moral or purpose – there’s a reason why you’re telling this story, to this audience, at this time

Personal connection – the story involves either you or someone you feel connected to

Common reference points – the audience understands the context and situation of the story

Detailed characters and imagery – have enough visual description that we can see what you’re seeing

Conflict, vulnerability, or achievement we can relate to – similar to point #4, show us the challenges

Pacing – there’s a clear beginning, ending, and segue way back to the topic

New Chiropractic Techniques To Target Brain Injuries

How to properly handle concussions especially for an athlete

When you suffer a concussion, it is always advisable for you to make sure that you are able to undergo the right kind of Brain Injury treatment. If you choose to ignore it, then you may end up having a whole list of problems in the future. You may have to live with serious memory loss, constant headaches as well as something that is known as mood dysregulation. All these symptoms are usually brought about by an injury that simply did not heal in the right manner or one that took a really long time to be treated. If you are an athlete, dealing with a concussion may end up been very challenging for you especially when you put into consideration the fact that it may be rather difficult for you to continue with your daily routines.

There are a number of ways in which one can be able to deal with a concussion and you do not necessarily have to be an athlete.

  • Make sure that you do not make any decisions early

Even though it may be a good idea for one to go through the necessary evaluations in the right manner, it is still very important for you to note that most of the symptoms that come with concussion athletic therapy do not begin to show until 24 hours. If you begin to notice that you are having some difficulty standing, responding to very common questions, or having severe headaches then this might be some of the symptoms that might come with a concussion. It would be better to go in and see a doctor so that they can be able to give you the right kind of evaluation.

  • If the person who has suffered a concussion is unconscious, it is important for you to make sure that you do not move them

If the person who has suffered a concussion does not wake up in the next 30 seconds after their fall, make sure that you call in 911 immediately! When an athlete falls down and is rendered unconscious, chances are high that they have most likely suffered a cervical spinal injury. If you try to start moving them before stabilization has been done, then you may end up causing serious quadriplegia and in more severe cases death.

  • When you are not sure of what is happening, always sit the athlete or individual out

If an athlete is injured and it is clear that they are injured, it wouldn’t make sense if they were to go back to the field and continue playing. The best thing to do for them and their health is to get them out of the filed until you are sure that they are fully recovered.

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Why Playground Injuries Hurt Kids

Therapeutic massages just as the name suggests mainly aims at giving the person getting the different massage kinds of therapeutic benefits. Even though this type of a message can make someone relax, its primary goal is not usually on the relaxation of the body. The goals of a therapeutic massage may vary greatly depending on a particular client or therapist. There are cases whereby this type of massage may be recommended by a medical expert and may be used as a kind of treatment plan.  If you need a personal injury law firm Halifax click here.

There are people who may opt to make use of a therapeutic massage as a long-term treatment. There are those people like laborers, athletes or office workers who are under a lot of stress may also opt to make use of this type of massage with the main aim of wanting to keep themselves in a good medical condition. The good thing about this type of message is that people from all the different ages can be able to benefit from it especially when it is performed by a certified, competent and qualified therapist.

So how does a therapeutic massage help you?

Therapeutic massage is known to be a combination of both a remedial and relaxation massage which is done with the main aim of not only making sure that you are relaxed but also make sure that all your muscle issues, as well as your tight spots, are worked on. This type of massage is also able to improve blood circulation which in turn can enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle cells. This process is important since it is going to aid in the removal of waste products in the body and also reduce any kind of swelling. The Positive circulatory effect that is going to take place as a result of the message may also be highly beneficial to most of the inflammatory conditions that most people suffer from like arthritis.

Therapeutic massage is also able to induce a kind of relaxation response to the body which in turn tends to lower your breathing rate, your heart rate as well as your blood pressure which is a benefit for you. On top of this, a good massage is also able to boost your entire immune system and also reduce the levels of stress in the body. With all the mentioned effects that a therapeutic massage can offer, it is also safe to say that massages can be able to deal with a wide number of conditions in the body. Some of the conditions that may be treated include:

  • Low immunity
  • Stress
  • Minor injuries
  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • The general wellbeing of the entire body

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Schedule of Fees Updated For 2018

Schedule of Fees

Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants

(as revised by Regulation on August 6, 2008 pursuant to COMAR 10.43.06)

A. Application Fee $ 200
B. Examination Fee $ 300
C. Licensure Fee $ 200
D. Re-examination Fee $ 400
E. Renewal Fee $ 700
F. Late Renewal Fee (in addition to Renewal Fee) $ 500
G. Reinstatement Fee (in addition to Renewal and Late Fees for $200. each renewal period in which license was expired) $ 300
H. Duplicate License Fee $ 50
I. Duplicate License Fee ordered at time for License Renewal $ 25
J. Inactive Status Renewal Fee $ 350
K. Reactivation Fee (Change License Status from Inactive to Active) $ 200
L. Preceptorship Application Fee $ 300
M. Extern Application Fee $ 50
N. Licensure by Credential Fee (includes background check) $ 750
O. Penalty for Returned Check $ 50
P. Formal Verification of Licensure (with Board Seal) $ 35
Q. Chiropractic Assistant Examination Fee $ 300
R. Chiropractic Assistant Registration Fee $ 100
S. Chiropractic Assistant Renewal Fee $ 250
T. Chiropractic Assistant Late Renewal Fee $ 200
U. Chiropractic Assistant Re-examination Fee $ 400
V. Penalty for Failure to Maintain Correct Address with the Board $ 200
W. Supervising Chiropractor Application Fee $ 300
X. Continuing Education Course Processing Review Fee (per hourly course unit) $ 25
Y. Mailing Labels or Roster $ 200
Z. Paper Copy of Law and Regulations $ 25