What are the uses of Cannabis Treat Pain?

Cannabis, also called Marijuana or Weed, is one of the commonly abused drugs in the current generation. Although Cannabis has some medical advantages, many people are not enlightened about them, hence misusing the drug (Cannabis). The abuse of Cannabis has made many countries illegalize its consumption to reduce the adverse effects on abusers. Let’s now focus on Cannabis uses to treat pain. 

  1. Treatment for Inflammatory Pain (Nociceptive pain)

Inflammatory pain may occur as a result of physical damage. There is the release of immune and inflammatory cells in the process of tissue damage. Pain is then felt later due to activation of receptor nerves which convey this information to the spinal cord then to the brain. With balanced CBD and THC Cannabinoids, Cannabis can alter pain signals by blocking the produced signals or the inflammatory process itself. Inflammatory pain is relieved through the activation of CB receptors.CB1 receptors boost activation of opioid receptors, while CB2 receptors have anti-inflammatory properties. CBD blocks inflammatory mediators hence reducing inflammation. For better and long-term inflammatory pain management, one should opt for balanced CBD and THC products.

  1. Treatment for Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain arises when the body’s neurons systems are destroyed or damaged. The underlying diseases and injuries may contribute to this pain. A good example is Parkinson’s disease. Chemotherapy may also contribute to the development of Neuropathic pain. This pain arises due to the destruction of many body cells in the body during chemotherapy. This type of pain tends to be one of the most challenging conditions to manage. Fortunately, the use of Cannabis has shown promising results in the management of Neuropathic pain. The Neuropathic pain resulting from chemotherapy gets treated by Cannabis without interfering with the benefits of the therapy on cancer patients. Control of Neurogenic pain induced by chemotherapy results from activation of serotonin receptors; hence management of pain is accomplished.

  1. Treatment for Central Pain

Researchers claim that Central pain is becoming the typical type of pain affecting many people across the globe. It arises as a result of the defect of the nervous system of the body. Although its root cause is yet known (Idiopathic), it can be associated with injuries. The fact that it is idiopathic makes it among the most challenging type of pain to manage. Fibromyalgia is an excellent example of this type of pain. Compared to other pain-relieving medications, patients with fibromyalgia reported to have shown a positive sign in the recovery of central pain when using Cannabis. 

To conclude, Cannabis or weed (as most people call it) consumption is increasingly embracing by many nations nowadays. Even though it has some adverse consequences on its users, researchers have proven that Cannabis has advantages. Let us welcome the use of tale of two strains in Cannabis as a drug and discourage its abuse.